The Bug Screen

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Mounted Side View

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Mounted Front View

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Screen Front

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Screen Back

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Typical Mount

Typical Mounts

Giro, Giant and Trek.



Typical Mount

Pink helmet

Skate, Street, always safety without the bugs.

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Bicycling Helmet Safety Institute

Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation

National Safety Council

Snell Memorial Foundation

Product Safety Commission

CPSC on Helmets


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GBNpro Wholesale Price List

One Case/Carton, UPC 626853104384, size 10.5" x 8.5" x 2.0", holding 10 black bug screens in retail packages, each individual bag is 8" x 10" x 0.25" which are a clear plastic bag with retail header card. The ten individual retail bags contain a black bug screen ready for helmet mounting; each contains a set of folded 8.5" x 11" paper instructions, Both loop and hook Velcro mounting with hook side attached to the bug screen, loop side sticking to hook side with plastic cover over sticky helmet mount side for customer use. Each black bug screen is labeled, "The Bug Screen" on top of the screen. Price per case (10 Pack); $100.00 USD plus shipping (suggested retail price $20.00 USD ea.). Preferred order via Email with store name, address to ship to, preferred shipping if not United States Postal Service, and case number to: for billing. Thank you!.

One Case (10 Pack).  Ten Bug Screens within each Case.

Please check back for updates or email us at with your order or questions.


GBNpro Wholesale Terms

Orders are billed separately when shipped, payable within 30 days of shipping date on receipt of bill or net 30 days. Any orders not received, damaged or unsalable must be made known to GBNpro within same period, 30 days notice via email as to complaint at stating your vitals and any resolution for future re-orders. Ten day notice of order for shipping for 1 case or more; Twenty day notice for shipping styro display head, please specify large (male) or small (female) for your display needs. All orders and styro heads shipped at wholesalers expense via United States Postal Service unless otherwise requested.


GBNpro Wholesale Displays

GBNpro uses generic small female and large male Styrofoam display heads which can be mounted with your stores helmet type/brand of your choice, and; one of your bug screens, mounted properly, as shown below, to demonstrate typical use. We can ship either size styro head for cost plus shipping. These display heads are shipped and billed separate from your bug screen order. Cost per individual head is $8.00 plus shipping, billed 30 days net. Order these from us at: , Thank you.

Small Styro Small Styro Sideview typical use-1 Sideview small display

Large Styro Display Large Styro DisplayGiro Display Trek Display


GBNpro Wholesale Display Graphics

Most of the green sidebar generic graphics can be used for print production for advertising purposes. Clicking on the left green bar images provides a large scale jpg format image for your use in ads.  GBNpro asks that you email us at to notify us of your planned use, before production of such, so we have some idea of the proposed nature of our photographic copy written material. These graphic images below are available by simply clicking for the large image, right clicking that, and saving locally to your hard drive or flash drive, as necessary. Thank you.

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